Sam is gay, a little trans, and a child of Mexican immigrants living in the Texas Hill Country.
They're trying to figure out how to express their gender -- to themselves and to the world.
Just as Sam is building the courage to present their gender to their mother, they go to a high school party.
Everyone is way too into each other and drinking way too much. Amidst the debauchery, a brave and strange set of rituals ensues.

"(trans)formada" is a practice in healing. It is about redefining and coming back to family.

cast: 7 actors
run time: 90 minutes


Staged reading, Shotgun Players Champagne Staged Reading Series, September 2023
dir. linda maria girón

Workshop/reading, Crowded Fire Theater Matchbox Reading Series, April 2023
dir. linda maria girón

Reading, San Diego REP Latinx New Play Festival, September 2021
dir. Cambria Herrera, dramaturg. David Davila

Reading, Sin Muros: A Latinx Theater Festival at Stages, March 2021
dir. Virginia Grise

Reading, Repertorio Español, June 2020
dir. Kathleen Capdesuñer

Workshop/Reading, Austin Latinx New Play Festival, May 2020
dir. Sylvia Hinojosa, dramaturg. Jessica Peña-Torres

Workshop, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, July 2019
dir. Will Davis, dramaturg. Mark Bly, choreo. Dane Figueroa Edidi


Nominee, Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, 2022
Semi-Finalist, Ucross + The Blank Theater Future of Playwriting Prize, 2021                  
Finalist, Bay Area Playwrights Festival, 2021             
Finalist, Miranda Family Voces Latinx, 2020      
Runner-up, Kennedy Center National Undergraduate Playwriting Award, 2019         
Runner-up, Kennedy Center Latinx Playwriting Award, 2019                       
Runner-up, Kennedy Center Rosa Parks Playwriting Award, 2019        

my eyes are up here honey

Immaterial, a digital avatar company, is creating new realities for queer people and hungry to expand. When the company enters the lives of Billie, Yasmin, and Francis, each person is faced with the truth of what their physical bodies need.

my eyes are up here honey is an exploration of boundaries, open relationships, and queer commodification.

cast: 3 actors
run time: 80 minutes


Workshop/Reading, Egg & Spoon Theatre Collective, July 2023.
dir. Borna Barzin

Reading, Echo Theater Company, July 2022.
dir. Borna Barzin

Workshop, The Workshop Theater Intensive, Winter 2021.

First commisioned by Alter Theater Ensemble in San Rafael, CA.


Finalist, Leah Ryan FEWW Prize, 2022.


no me dejas

After twenty years, Perla's, the last lesbian bar in San Antonio, is closing down. Three queers, across generations, try to figure out what's next for their city and themselves as the bar has its very last call.

cast: 3 actors
run time: 15 minutes

A part of 2021 Greater Good Commision with Latinx Playwrights Circle, Pregones/PRTT, and Darrel Alejandro Holnes.

Reading, Greater Good Festival, 2021
dir. Dillon Yruegas


other projects

scripts, ideas, moments that need love:

permaculture dreams

a group of twenty somethings buy a plot of land out in the southwestern desert.

las chaparritas

a matriarchy in Mexico. The women are 5 foot and under. The men won’t stop appearing.

I must belong somewhere

a personal play about recalling memory, punching people in the face, and the hope (or lackthereof) you place in a teenage body.